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Shapadu Security Sdn Bhd (SSSB) has been providing quality security services since 1985, and has been delivering on its core values of “Service,  Performance and Honesty”.

Our customer-focused approach allows us to tailor our services in accordance with client needs, and to, constantly review our role in keeping our client’s assets secure and proactive in responding to contingencies.

Our aim is to ultimately partner with our clients instead of being mere service providers,  and to grow our businesses together.

We adhere to the principles of trust,  ethics and honesty for every action and decision that we make.

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Our Services

Core Services

We offer a range of physical security services, including:-

Unarmed Static Security Guards

All of our guards are trained and equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills to meet the customer’s requirements.

We have served in multiple environments including:-

  • Construction sites
  • High-rise residential properties
  • Retail shopping complexes
  • Financial institutions
  • Schools
  • Factories
  • Storage yards
  • Hospitals
  • Government offices

Armed Static Security Guards

Our armed guards are former police officers and military personnel issued with firearms. All our guards are sent for a rigorous training regiment for the handling and use of firearms and ammunition before being deployed for the protection of government offices and financial institutions or any other high risk premises.

Mobile Armed Escort Services

This service comprises the provision of armed guards in vehicles escorting high value shipments in transit. The escort service also includes real time location updates of the shipment as well as providing the necessary intervention in the event of an emergency. Personnel assigned to this service are trained in defensive driving and precision shooting.

Cash-In-Transit Services

Our service comprises armed and unarmed support personnel with armored vehicles for the collection and delivery of cash. CIT teams are specially selected and required to undergo special courses on our stringent operating procedures including the proper use of firearms and reaction responses in all situations.

Secure Overnight Vaulting And Storage Services

To ensure the safety of our client’s assets, we provide overnight vault and storage facilities. The overnight vault is available upon request at our Shah Alam branch. With a newly certified strong room, this temporary safekeeping service is fully insured.

Future Services

The following are a list of services currently under development.

Cash & ATM Management Services

We are developing and implementing the secured process for ATM management with the ability to monitor and cater to the bank’s existing and expanding branch network of customers.

Event Security

We provide temporary event security for international exhibitions, concerts, film making and other events. We are expanding our profile to be a leading event security service provider in the region.

Close Protection Services

We offer a complete protective security of professionals for clients requiring both low key and discreet security for high profile protection. Our personnel are specially trained in bodyguard tactics and VIP safety, including defensive driving, precision shooting and threat detection.

Cash Logistics Services

We are developing our expertise in cash logistics and ATM management for financial institutions and other clients requiring cash management support. This service will involve cash management solutions begin with understanding the client’s daily business operations .Analyzing points of cash intake, estimated daily cash flow, providing a secure cash transfer and cash packaging in accordance with the client’s distribution requirements.

Mobile Patrol and Response Services

GPS and mobile communication hardware allows us to develop an additional service which integrates the database management mobile communications, on-board navigation and G.P.S. to deliver a transparent service with rapid response times, detailed reporting with timely and accurate invoicing.

Other Services

Our capabilities, amongst others, include the following:-

1. Private and discreet investigation
2. Individual and corporate background and asset searches
3. Security survey and audits
4. Security engineering reviews and analysis

We also offer the following services in collaboration with our partners:-

1. Security-related training services (Akademi Shapadu)
2. Supply of arms, ammunition and shooting accessories (Wilayah Arms Sdn Bhd)
3. Supply of radio communications, equipment and accessories (One Communications Sdn Bhd)
4. Supply and consulting for electronic security and surveillance equipment (local & international partnership)

Security Operations Management System (SOMS)