Our Founder

The founder of Shapadu was Dato Haji Shahrani,  who was born and raised in Port Klang.  He left the security of a salaried job as a shipping clerk in 1971 at the tender age of 24 to start as a small contractor.  Starting with only one truck the company grew through the philosophy of hard work honesty,  or cleanliness and a flair for entrepreneurship.

Aside from his business acumen and philosophy with the organisation this also extended to his family.  A wife with nine children to who he gave his devotion as much as the business if not more.

Shahrani’s business philosopy is:-

The Tiger & The Ular Sawa

The tiger with its power and sharp instincts.

The Klang River

In business you must be clean, a question of building a reputation for honesty, and people will trust you.

The Coconut

Always use the resources of the company, nothing goes to wastes like all parts of the coconut.

Management & The Aeroplane

You must always know when to take off and where to land. A clear vision and mission for people in the organisation.

A Genuine Businessman

People in business must be people of substance not hollow.

Given these principles along with other executives though under the clear leadership of Dato’ Haji Shahrani the company grew as follows:-

  • 1971 – Dato’ Haji Shahrani started as a general contractor with one truck.
  • 1973 – Syarikat Padu Sdn. Bhd. the launch to success with container depots.
  • 1978 – Shapadu Holdings Sdn. Bhd. the vehicle to conglomerate the organisation into a focused enterprise.
  • 1980 – Shapadu Kontena Sdn. Bhd. the creation of an integrated transport and container business.
  • 1981 – Shapadu Trans-System Sdn. Bhd. specialising in the transport of heavy and odd sized cargo.
  • 1981 – Shapadu Offshore Sdn. Bhd. providing the commissioning and servicing of offshore oil platforms.

Through vision and entrepreneurship Dato’ Haji Shahrani created a conglomerate of companies ranging from transport, warehousing, logistics, offshore oil platform commissioning and properties.  The company was listed on the KLSE (Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange) employs over 1,800 personnel,  and a turnover of nearly one billion MYR per annum.  The organisation continues to grow under the leadership of Shafiz Shahrani who continues to lead the organisation into new areas as well as expanding current operations with the philosophy of hard work,  honesty and entrepreneurship.