Our Brand

Our logo was designed to signify the group’s commitment to a vision of the future and was inspired by the late founder Y. Bhg. Dato’ Haji Shahrani Haji Abdullah,  an inspirational and visionary man.  The brand was inspired with the objective to become a diversified group of Malaysian companies,  working to provide quality services not only in South East Asia though globally.

Progressive,  with a promise to deliver timely projects with best services,  top performance and honesty in everything the group does,  which is our corporate ethos.

The design of the Shapadu logo consists of a thin green line circle with the letters “SPH” denotes our core values of Service,  Performance and Honesty in carrying our business activities.  The letter “H” represents the axis of the company where the right part of the “H” is longer to symbolize the pillar of unity.